Major Events I was a part of in 2010

Looking back at 2010, here are some of the major events I took part in.. didn’t account for those shorter than a marathon ūüôā¬†
Langkawi Ironman (Langkawi, Malaysia) Р27 Feb 2010
  1. Putrajaya Night Marathon(Putrajaya РMalaysia) Р6 Feb 2010 (3:20:55, 23rd Men Open)
  2. Energizer Night Race(Cyberjaya РMalaysia) Р27 Mar 2010 (3:26:18 , 3rd Men Open)
  3. Boston Marathon(US РBoston,MA) Р19 Apr 2010 (3:16:56, 2200 in Category, 3552 Male, 3955 Overall)
  4. Big Sur International Marathon(US –¬†Big Sur, CA)¬†– 25 Apr 2010 (3:29:20, 37th in Category, 173rd Male,¬†191 Overall)
  5. Standard Chartered KL Marathon(Malaysia) – 27 June 2010 (3:22)
  6. Gold Coast Airport Marathon(Australia) – 4 July 2010 (3:06:43, 53rd in Category, 246th Male)
  7. Pattaya Marathon(Thailand) – 18 July 2010 (3:36:18, 11th in Category, 58th Overall)
  8. Penang Bridge International Marathon (Malaysia) – 21 Nov 2010 (3:35:27, 25th)
  9. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore – 5 Dec 2010 (3:23:36, 29th Singaporean, 72nd Overall)
  10. Fubon Taipei Marathon – 19 Dec 2010 (3:19:08, 36th in Category, 134th Overall)ÔĽŅ
  1. The North Face 100 (Singapore) – 9 Oct 2010 (50km in 5:24:08, 3rd Men Individual, 14th Team)
  2. Bangalore Ultra (India) – 14 Nov 2010 (75km in 8:38)
  3. MR25 Ultramarathon (Singapore) – 26 Dec 2010 (91.8km in 11:51:36, 5th Men)
 For the First Time in my Life:
  • Most Number of marathons in 1 year – 10
  • Most Number of Ultra marathons in 1 year – 3
  • Completed the prestigious Boston Marathon
  • Re-qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2011
  • Longest Ultra ever completed – 91.8km at the MR25 Ultra
  • Back to back (1 week apart)¬†Ultra marathon & marathon
    • ¬†Bangalore Ultra 75km + Penang Bridge Marathon 42km¬†
    • ¬†Taipei Marathon 42km & MR25 Ultra 91.8km

 Looking forward to a great 2011 !!!

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Hello world!

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Energizer Night Race Malaysia 27 March 2010 – Where are the cash prizes as promised????

Crossed the finish line in 3hr 26min 18secs after a punishing run where i had stomach upset throughout.¬† Received a 3rd Position Men’s Open Winner’s tag from the crew.¬† UH???¬† What???¬† Never expected to win anything at all.¬† In my mind was WOW!!¬† I had won RM600 cash voucher!!!¬† Wonderful!!!¬† Never expected it at all….¬†
Ironically, what was expected to be given out to winners¬†was…….¬† not given (so unexpected!!!)… I collected my prizes contained inside 2 bags after getting the trophy from the VIP on stage.¬† Didn’t open to check its contents as i presumed everything would be in there.¬† Opened both bags the next day, searching inside out of the bags and there was no cash voucher to be found.¬† It contained a bottle of Omega 3 supplements, an Energizer Book Light, Energizer small light, Energizer 2-pack battery, a Schick shaver pack,¬† and…. no cash voucher of RM600…. i don’t understand it!!¬†
Never in my racing life have i ever seen/read/heard of races not giving out the prizes as stated in their info sheet/websites.  Is this tantamount to cheating??????
It’s outrageous what race organisers/sponsors can do, even for a "Branded" event with "Energizer" stamped on it.¬† How is it they can avoid giving out the cash prizes as promised/stated?¬† Isn’t it¬†something already parked/reserved even before the race begins?¬†¬†Does Cash Voucher mean Product voucher???? Never have i seen in any dictionary that equates cash with product.
Some of us¬†don’t join races to win prizes.. but when we cross the finish line & get winners’ tags, we are in a state of excitement, looking forward to receive the cash prize as a reward for our efforts… really, how often do we get a chance to win in a race…but then we are "SLAPPED" when we do not get what was promised… we are left utterly disappointed….¬† from getting a "Winners High", we drop to a low morale…. instilling doubts of future trust in the event or for that matter, other races….
Organisers of Energizer Night Race Malaysia 27 March 2010, if you have promised something, please live up to it 100%.. that is the bare minimum.¬† Don’t publish something and subsequently do not deliver it and don’t event bother to inform every participant about it.¬† Where is your integrity???? If you didn’t deliver as promised, we would very much appreciate a sincere explanation/investigation into the matter.
And Energizer (or whoever that organised the event), I sincerely wish that you’d re-think what this event has done or not done, not only from a winners perspective, but for all participants/volunteers and whoever that has played a part.¬† Everyone is entitled to getting a good experience from it… and from there they’ll continue to support your events.
Although i’m not there to win $$$, but on the issue of integrity i sincerely promise & guarantee that i’ll personally "promote" to everyone whom i know that this event has poor integrity and i’ll never recommend to anyone to join.. in fact, i’ll strongly suggest they boycott it, based on poor integrity.¬† I’ll not comment on the other issues as many others have already done so in Facebook….
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Running Mileage

14 Sep – 12km
15 Sep – 6km
16 Sep – 9km
17 Sep – 12km
18 Sep – 6km
19 Sep – 5km
20 Sep – 6km + 10km
Total Mileage Week 14 = 66km
21 Sep – 25km
22 Sep – 19km
23 Sep – 7km
24 Sep – 13km
25 Sep – 12km
26 Sep – rest
27 Sep – 12km
Total Mileage Week 15 = 88km
28 Sep – rest
29 Sep – 25km
30 Sep – 6km
1 Oct – 13km
2 Oct – rest
3 Oct – rest
4 Oct – 4km (Ekiden Relay in Putrajaya, Malaysia)
Total Mileage Week 16 = 48km
5 Oct – rest
6 Oct – rest
7 Oct – 5km
8 Oct – rest
9 Oct – rest
10 Oct – rest
11 Oct – 6km (Klang Centro Run in Malaysia)
Total Mileage Week 17 = 11km
12 Oct – rest
13 Oct – 4km
14 Oct – 8km
15 Oct – rest
16 Oct – rest
17 Oct – rest
18 Oct – 8km ( in San Francisco)
Total Mileage Week 18 = 20km
19 Oct – 21km
20 Oct – 16km
21 Oct – rest
22 Oct – rest
23 Oct – rest
24 Oct – rest
25 Oct – 42km (Silicon Valley Marathon in 3hr 8min – qualified for 2011 Boston Maratgon)
Total Mileage Week 19 = 79km
26 Oct – rest
27 Oct – rest
28 Oct – rest
29 Oct – 6km
30 Oct – 3km +12km
31 Oct – rest
1 Nov – 5km
Total Mileage Week 20 = 26km
2 Nov – 9km
3 Nov – 25km
4 Nov – rest
5 Nov – 6km
6 Nov – 9km
7 Nov – rest
8 Nov – 6km
Total Mileage Week 21 = 55km
9 Nov – 11km + 18km
10 Nov – 16km
11 Nov – 6km
12 Nov – 6km
13 Nov – 5km
14 Nov – rest
15 Nov – 10km (in Miri)
Total Mileage Week 22 = 72km
16 Nov – rest
17 Nov – 3km
18 Nov – 19km
19 Nov – 15km
20 Nov – 3km
21 Nov – rest
22 Nov – rest
Total Mileage Week 23 = 40km
23 Nov – 13km
24 Nov – 11km
25 Nov – rest
26 Nov – rest
27 Nov – rest
28 Nov – 8km + 5km
29 Nov – rest
Total Mileage Week 24 = 37km
30 Nov – rest
1 Dec – 8km
2 Dec – 9km
3 Dec – 5km
4 Dec – rest
5 Dec – rest
6 Dec Р42km (Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 3hr 19min Рmy Personal Best in Singapore.  Suffered cramps at 37km & 39km & had to stretch & walk)
Total Mileage Week 25 = 64km
I really need to pen down a running programme, one that is consistent… unlike the unstructured one which i’ve been through the past 25 weeks.¬†¬† After¬†being certified as a¬†Running Coach under Road Runner’s Club of America, i’m confident to draw up a suitable training programme.¬†Anyway, i didn’t have a target to train for ever since qualifying for Boston Marathon 2010… but now, maybe i can achieve a sub 3hr marathon…¬† you¬† never know unless you give it a shot.¬† So i’m gonna draw up a training plan for Boston Marathon (19 Apr 2010).¬† The rest of the marathons in 2010 will be an LSD ūüôā
Happy Running ūüôā
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Day 85 to 91 (7 to 13 Sep)

Day 85 (7 Sep 2009) – Ran 9km at the Ulu Pandan Canal.. consisting of an 8km continous run at an average of 4min 16sec/km pace.
Day 86 (8 Sep 2009) РRan 3km.  short & sweet
Day 87 (9 Sep 2009) – Ran 8km at the Ulu Pandan Canal… did 2 sets of 2km at about 7min 47sec & 7min 43sec respectively. cool.¬† At 9pm,¬†i submitted my entry for the 114th Boston Marathon 2010, to be held on Monday 19 Apr 2010.¬† But will only know by mid Oct¬†if the organiser accepts my entry.¬† Waiting in anticipation… it’ll be an honour, a dream to run at the Boston Marathon.
Day 88 (10 Sep 2009) – Ran 5km in the hot afternoon at the Canal… drenched in perspiration after the short run…
Day 89 (11 Sep 2009) РNo running, but i walked about 10km.  Then helped my client perform 1hr of deep tissue massage at his home.
Day 90 (12 Sep 2009) – Didn’t run, but walked a few km from Tanjong Rhu to Suntec.. think was a good workout.¬† Then met our Uni friend, Siao Fong at Marina Square, where we had dinner at MOF.. yummy ūüôā¬† Good to catch up with her..
Day 91 (13 Sep 2009) – Took part in the Tri-Factor Triathlon at the East Coast Park.¬† Cycled from my home to the venue, taking me 1 hour for a leisure ride.¬† That would be a warm up/training for the event….hahahahahah.¬† Only trained running ever since Desaru Tri, so no expectations for the event.¬† Swim was good,..i did breastroke 99.9% of the time hahahahaha… took me about 36mins.¬† Bike leg was done on a mountain bike, taking me 1hr 20min just for the ride itself (wow, i m super happy since i didn’t train for it).. well, the run leg was my most comfortable segment, taking me 42min + to complete the event in 2hr 45min 57secs, with a position of 104.¬† Met quite a number of friends there too.¬† It was a good event… tho i wish there were isotonic drinks at the end point.¬† After the end, i hanged around chatting with friends & took a shower.. and suddenly a downpour came out of the blue and i had to take shelter for quite some time before the sky cleared up.¬† Then Fadhli (my ex-colleague) asked his staff to help retrieve my bike from the rack.¬† and i happily slapped on some sunblock before riding back to home, with a short pitstop at Redhill MRT station Q-Bread shop to indulge in 12 pieces of mini snow skin moon cake… hahahh (ok, i didn’t gobble them up on the spot, but brought it back home to be savoured at a later point in time).
Total Running Mileage for Week 13 = 35km
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Day 66 to 84 (19 Aug 2009 to 6 Sep 2009

Day 66 (19 Aug) – Ran 5km back to home
Day 67 (20 Aug) – Ran 9km + strength training
Day 68 (21 Aug) – Ran 7km on treadmill
Day 69 (22 Aug) – Ran 6km
Day 70 (23 Aug) – Slack…..
Total Mileage for Week 10 = 43km
Day 71 (24 Aug) – Run 10km
Day 72 (25 Aug) – Run 9km
Day 73 (26 Aug) – Ran 3km (interval session)
Day 74 (27 Aug) – Slack
Day 75 (28 Aug) – Slack big time.. departed for Perth to do the Rebel Sport City to Surf Marathon.¬† Met some crazy friends & SGrunners on board the Jetstar flight such as Harmoni, Mohan, Hazel, Ripley, Eliza, Azhar… we had a great time on board.¬† Was welcomed in Perth by colde weather, abt 5 degrees or so.¬† By the time we arrived at our Criterion Hotel via the free shuttle service, it was already past midnight.¬† Had to wear socks to sleep as it was cold & the room’s heater wasn’t really existent (even tho it was there).
Day 76 (29 Aug) – Champion Slacker.. But food overload.. after a sumptious dinner of duck, char siew etc with Mythos + Margaret + Jo + Yeehua + Kelly, i loaded again with a MacDonalds Large Cheeseburger Meal in Perth Australia…¬† wow, really power packed.¬† Picked up our race pack at Perth Convention Centre & bought a pair of Asics shorts (a top & bottom costs only AUD 49.99 so my wife bought a top).¬† Went to Harbour Town for some shopping with the crazy gang in the afternoon but we didn’t grab anything.¬† Slept at about 11pm plus.
Day 77 (30 Aug – Race Day) – Got up at 4.30am cos race starts only at 7am.¬† Ate 2 packets of Nature Valley Bar (Oats & Honey) & drank an energy drink with Guarana (never heard of it before.. 1st time trying that drink, just hoped that i won’t get an upset tummy).¬† Left our hotel at 6.20am to the start point.. we jogged slowly to the Esplanade Park, where we placed our stuff at the clothing deposit truck.¬† Did some light jogging.. man it was cold.. fortunately i wore my 2XU long compression tights & a long sleeve Nike top (wore for the¬†1st time), & these probably helped with keeping me warm.¬† Soon we were ushered towards the start line.¬† Took my place somewhere in the midst of the participants.. hmm, not that many.¬† Soon, we were flagged off. For the 1st half, it was generally flat, heading along the Swan River, then into UWA grounds before going back to the city area…¬† after which, all hell broke loose… long upslopes ‘attacked’ us. Just before entering Kings Park was a killer slope which took me ages to conquer.¬† Fortunately there were some downslopes in Kings Park.¬† After exiting Kings Park, i joined a huge crowd of 12km participants, who took up most of the road.¬† Fortunately there were barricades separating the full marathoners from the 12km.¬† Then we entered Subiaco area & suburbs, bringing us past many residential areas.. and not forgetting, the numerous slopes as we head towards the finish line… i never knew the distance we had covered as i only managed to spot the 16km flag.¬† so i just pressed on.. i didn’t push harder during the 2nd half as i could feel my muscles were starting to twitch slightly, a sign i was gonna cramp if pushed harder.. so just held off from going faster and just try to maintain the pace which i was very satisfied with at that moment.¬† Twice i asked the volunteers how long more we’ve got to run.. oh, 4km more.. ok good.¬† just maintain… must fight the slopes before the finish line…¬† Soon, i headed into the final stretch.. i could sense victory… in a sense that i would achieve a time which would qualify me for the Boston Marathon (below 3hr 10min 59sec)… With big smile & thumbs up, i ran the final 200m chute acknowledging the supporters lining along it… and i overheard some of them saying aloud it seems i was having fun in the marathon, smiling so much in the final stretch… hahahahah…¬† well, i’m sure you will if you truly enjoy the marathon itself.. Crossing the finish line in a chip time of 3hr 6min 50sec was such a huge joy… headed to the recovery tent, where i got my goodie bag, finisher medal, t-shirt.. grabbed a chocolate muffin & ate it whilst doing my stretches.¬† Nice to stay in the tent, which was warmer than being outside. Soon, our baggage truck arrived & i had to help bring out the bags & place on the floor as it was quite disorganised.¬† Soon, i spotted my bag.¬† Took out my camera & snapped a pic of Iwata, who had finished in 3hr 2min.¬† Then i walked back to the finish line to snap pics of all whom i knew.¬† Stayed there & kept stretching¬†till everyone whom i know came back & all¬†were super happy to have finished it.¬† Great weather, challenging course, great support, demarcated route for different distances, good logistics ( 9 gel stations, water/isotonic stations every 2km)… so tempted to return for 2010 edition.
Total Mileage for Week 11 = 64km
Day 78 (31 Aug) – 3km recovery run
Day 79 (1 Sep) – slack
Day 80 (2 Sep) – Continue to slack (i deserve it)
Day 81 (3 Sep) – Run 8km
Day 82 (4 Sep) – slack
Day 83 (5 Sep) – Run 13km from Tanjong Rhu back to home via Park Connectors
Day 84 (6 Sep) – Run 10km at Sembawang Park
Total Mileage for Week 12 = 34km
It’s time to start training again…. i’ve qualified for Boston Marathon, to be held on 19 April 2010.¬† Will i register for it?¬† hehehehe
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Day 64 to Day 65 – 17 to 18 Aug 2009

Day 64 (17 Aug 2009) 
4 sets of 16 storeys stair climbing, taking between 1min 20sec to 1min 30sec each set.  Too bad i lacked the time to do more sets.  Felt good.  Was perspiring like i had just taken a shower even though it took just about 6mins of running upstairs.
Day 65 (18 Aug 2009)
Ran a total of 16km.¬† Including 3 sets of 2.4km.¬† Didn’t push very hard though.¬† Just moderate.¬† Felt good.¬† Looking forward to more.
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